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EGO 3 Battery III 3200 Mah With Authentic Scratch Code

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GS eGo III 3 e cig Battery Mega Capacity ego battery 3200mAh

Product Introduction:

All our GS EGO II batteries, are all 100% authentic GS products, with a true capacity of a massive 3200mah GUARANTEED, you will struggle to find such a high capacity battery in such a compact size as the GS EGO II.

Once fully charged, it will out last many of the standard pen style batteries in today’s market place, and will give a full day or more vaping, without any issues.

Each 3200mAh vape battery will be delivered individually boxed, with authentication scratch codes, so you can buy with confidence.

Please note: This battery is not suitable for sub-ohm vaping

Available in colours to suit every taste.

ProductName: GS eGo III 3200mAh Battery

Battery Capacity: 3200mah (as per selection) Screw Thread: 510/eGo

BatterySize: D19.5*L103mm BatteryNetWeight:78g

Package Content:1x Ego 3 Battery Safety: 5 Clicks System Turn ON/OFF.

Latest LED Indication makes you never be left guessing how much power you have left.
White = 100-60% Blue = 60-20% Red = 20-0%
(* Red light flashing when the battery is going to be power off!)
Fits all Know Atomizer clearomizers ProTank Evod Ce4 AeroTank 510 Thread.Thisisthehighestcapacitysournessnewdesignonthisyear,tosupplyaeasierandgreatvalueecigbattery,soSounessEgo1week2200mahbatterycomeout

NOTE: This is a battery and doesn’t come with the charger in the pack. The charger is available for sale for the valuable customers separately.

Note: Please don’t use high potency wall socket chargers for charging battery, you should charge it with your PC, laptop or TV. (Never overcharge your battery)Please use 4.2V 420mA Standard Charge Cable.

Warnings – Please take note:

  • Do not leave charging batteries un-attended.
  • Do not charge batteries overnight.
  • Batteries contain electronic circuits and like any electronic device they can be damaged if dropped, mistreated or immersed in water (or other liquids).
  • Not all USB ports are the same. Only use USB ports that are directly connected to your computer and not extension USB ports.
  • The voltage required for the USB charger may not be met by some laptop and extension USB connections.
  • Only use an eGo Charging Lead with an OUTPUT rated at DC4.2V / 420mA. Other outputs will damage / shorten the life of the battery.
  • If you drop your battery inspect it immediately to ensure that there is no visible damage to the outer casing, If the casing is damaged or the internal battery sounds like it is rattling inside the outer casing stop using it and dispose of it carefully. Damage to batteries can lead to explosions.
  • Consumable item – This Battery is a consumable item, it’s life depends on how you use and care for it.
NO REFUNDS FOR LIQUID DAMAGE, Batteries will be inspected internally for liquid damage upon return.
Avoid damage by cleaning and checking your tanks for leaks daily.

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ColorsBlack, Blue, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Silver, White


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