Choosing the Right Battery for Your Vape

Searching for a vape battery in the North East? Ready this handy guide when choosing a battery for your vaping device.

When choosing a vaping kit, most people focus on the device and the e-liquid flavours. However, one aspect that isn’t given as much importance is the quality of the battery. Finding the right battery for your vaping device can be challenging even for the most seasoned vapers. Here are some of our top tips to consider when choosing a battery for your vape.

Battery Type

There are essentially two types of vape batteries: automatic and manual. Automatic batteries are easy to use and have a short charging time. However, you may face a delay between the puff and inhalation.

A manual battery typically has more power, produces better “throat hit”, and offers more vapour too. These batteries also offer better control and come with a longer cut-off time. They also have a longer life.

Battery Load

The battery load refers to the output level that you can derive from a battery. A battery with a higher load capacity or amperage will heat the device quickly, ensuring you can take a puff sooner whilst taking longer draws too. The battery load will also affect how well the device vapourises the liquid.

Battery Capacity

The capacity of the battery or the milliamp Hour (mAh) will have a direct impact on how long you can use your device before charging it. If you prefer a small vaping device, you must choose a battery that can last long for a hassle-free experience.


The battery’s voltage is another important aspect to consider. The coils in a vaping device are generally resistant to flow of current. You will need a battery with a high enough voltage capacity so that the amperage can be pushed through to heat the liquid. When your vape gets enough heat, you will have an optimised flavour experience. Poor amperage can hamper the flavour profile and density of the e-juice.

Battery Quality

The quality of your vape battery is an important consideration as well. It ensures you can have a safe and enjoyable vaping experience. Poor quality batteries can cause an issue, which can raise safety concerns. When you invest in a quality battery, you can be sure of a safe and smooth vaping experience.